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This is so fucking cool. Its basically the first episode of Sailor Moon, but a different animator takes over every 30 or so seconds. Its really fucking cool.


I wonder, has the RGU fandom explored the concept of Ohtori’s sister school in closer detail?

I mean, Ohtori isn’t a normal campus by any means, and never has been with Akio playing puppetmaster, and I highly doubt that a sister school to this place would just be a boring boarding school, and considering the Vice-principal is asking Akio about the details for who with bee involved in this sister school, I highly doubt Akio doesn’t have a hand in there somewhere.

We know that he’s exploring alternate avenues to Eternity, evidenced with Nemuro hall’s function when Prof. Nemuro was there, could this sister school be another means for Akio to do that? Or perhaps he has another set of duellists at this other school as well.

I know Ohtori has always been seen to have something of a ‘closed’ nature in regards to the people attending the school and how it differs from the outside world in some way, but I have a hard time believing these two schools aren’t connected in some way.



The Inagaki Animal Hospital is a local veterinary clinic in Niigata, which happens to be the hometown of Rumiko Takahashi. How lucky can you be to get one of the world’s most famous mangaka to design your sign for you? Soichiro and Shampoo make great mascots.

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A sample of the gorgeous work for magazines and children’s books by japanese illustrator Eiko Onodera.


You’re all you have and you never even learned to love yourself!


"Douse yourself in water and repent!" 1995 // 2014